My name is Alexander O'Brien and welcome to my website. I am a multidiscipinary teacher, designer and builder. I took the time to create this site so that anyone, anywhere could enjoy my work. Please check out my portfolio to see some of my projects.

I was born and raised in Cork, in the Republic of Ireland. Having been trained in Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Ceramics, Furniture Design and Sustainable building, my portfolio has quite a variety of work.

Much of the more artistic work I have completed is about spaces, reflections and natural beauty. These themes carry through to my larger designs and commissions, with my focus on natural building techniques and use of recycled materials to create beautiful spaces and objects inpired by nature.

I adore travelling and tend to be commissioned for projects worldwide so keep an eye out on my Instagram account to see what I'm up to......and where!

If you are interested in commisioning a design or ordering prints of my work please don't hesitate to use the contact page

I hope you enjoy my work.



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