By the Water

Given my love of nature and reflections in isolation, what better than natures mirror for me to reflect on.

By the Water 1
By the Water 3
By the Water 7
By the Water 8
By the Water 12
By the Water 15
By the Water 17
By the Water 18







In the Forest

The most awe-inspiring things I have seen without a doubt are constructed by plants and I have been lucky enough to see some of the most amazing plants in the world.

In the Forest 1
In the Forest 2
In the Forest 3
In the Forest 4
In the Forest 5
By the Water 4
In the Forest 6
In the Forest 9


In the Desert

Having spent so much time in the deserts of the world this last 5 years I have come to really appreciate seeing nature flourish in what most would describe as an inhospitable environment.

In the Desert 1
In the Desert 2
In the Desert 3
In the Desert 4
In the Desert 5
In the Desert 6
In the Desert 7
In the Desert 10


In the Shamrocks

My interest in photography was spurned early in my architectural studies by an assignment on ancient ruins in Ireland. Here is where I first dicovered my love of the lens.

In the Shamrocks 1
In the Shamrocks 2
In the Shamrocks 3
In the Shamrocks 5
In the Shamrocks 6
In the Shamrocks 7
In the Shamrocks 8
In the Shamrocks 10